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Forgiving Thayne

A True Mates Novel

A wolf shifter clings to sanity after being rejected by the other half of his soul who despises the idea of true mates. 

Nicholas Cartwright buries himself in his work in an effort to forget the night he found his mate only to be rejected callously. He pushes himself to exhaustion, a fete most shifters would never reach, and he is even unable to find solace for a single night in another’s arms. 

But when his reluctant mate suddenly reappears and needs his help, it may well be more than he can find it in himself to give. Can he trust Thayne to stick around or will Thayne cut and run all over again?

Forgiving Thayne is a True Mates novel, can be read standalone, but does include scenes with characters from the first in the series. It features rejected mates, slow burn MM romance, and grown up content, but rest assured Nick and Thayne do find their way to a HEA, eventually. 

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