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Available through Kindle & Kindle Unlimited

Spell of the Werewolf

The next moonrise might be his last when a werewolf with a death wish crosses paths with a hybrid hunter who wants him dead.

Justin can’t live with being a werewolf anymore. The innocent blood on his hands haunts him every moment despite hunting others of his kind. When a ruthless hunter picks up his scent and is determined to put a silver bullet through his heart, Justin makes a bargain that’ll either end in a cure or his death.

A human-werewolf hybrid, Vincent despises full bloods, wanting nothing more than to eradicate them from existence. He never expected to meet one of the blood thirsty creatures and find himself agreeing to work with him. 

Too focused on blood and death, Justin found no time for a relationship in the past two centuries, but he’s drawn to Vincent in a way he’s never experienced. Vincent would gut anyone who accused him of desiring a monster, but he can’t deny his attraction the more he learns about the werewolf he’d intended to kill.

But time is working against them as they work together to destroy a new threat. Will Vincent be forced to carry out his end of the bargain or will Justin find the cure and open his heart to his white-haired hunter?

Please note this book may contain content that is potentially difficult for some readers, but rest assured, Vincent and Justin will find their happily ever after!

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