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J.R. Loveless is an avid fan, reader and writer of anything pertaining to male/male romance. She started out her adventure into the genre in 2004 when she discovered the anime Loveless, a softer side of Yaoi. The moment she saw Loveless, it sucked her in and hasn’t let go since.

After Loveless, she voraciously searched for anything she could find within the anime world pertaining to Yaoi and Shounen-Ai. She found Gravitation, Princess Princess, Gakuen Heaven, Junjou Romantica and so much more. As she searched for the different animes available, she stumbled across an amazing forum that to this day she is more than ever thankful she found.


Here she became known as LovelessSoubi. It took time for her to gather up the courage to begin writing her own original fiction in the Fiction section, but she did and over the course of the next five years, she gathered a following that surprised even herself. Posting well over thirty some odd stories and some still in progress to this day that she isn’t even sure she will be able to finish.

J.R. made a lot of friends from the site, but one person in particular would push her to actually submit one of the stories to a publishing company, Janick67. Touch Me Gently was the very first full length story she posted on AarinFantasy and it took almost five years before she submitted it to Samhain Publishing. Samhain refused it and unfortunately, this deterred her from submitting it elsewhere until Janick67 kicked her in the rear end and sent her to Dreamspinner Press. J.R. never thought the story would be picked up and accepted, but a month later she received the contract. It left her breathless and so excited about seeing her lifelong dream come true.

J.R. currently has several works in progress and several more ideas on the slow cooker. Ideas come to her out of the blue, a lyric in a song, a line in a movie, or just out of nowhere while she’s standing in the shower. She loves to make up her own stories, to follow her heart, and to write things her way because she loves a happy ending.

She is always thankful for all of her followers on AarinFantasy and for all of the wonderful people who read her stories. Please feel free to send her an email or to drop her a note on Facebook. She will always try to respond, even if it isn’t right away.

Want to hear more about J.R.'s books, world views, and why she writes gay romance? Listen to a live interview at the House of Mystery Radio show! 

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