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Chasing Seth

A True Mates Novel

Can Seth let himself believe in true mates after his past left him scarred physically and emotionally? 

Wolf shifter Seth moved to a small town looking for a peaceful life, but his peace is short-lived after he meets local sheriff Kasey. The handsome sheriff, who doesn’t know Seth is a wolf shifter, takes an immediate dislike to him. The animosity leaves Seth wondering if he will ever find a place he can call home.

When Kasey discovers Seth is a wolf, his actions put Seth at risk. He then finds that Seth is a Rho and his fated mate, which frightens Seth into running. Seth’s past experience has shown him mates aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and he can’t trust Kasey’s change of heart. But Kasey doesn’t give up and his persistence weakens Seth’s resolve. Can Seth open his heart to an alpha again?

Chasing Seth is the first in the True Mates series. Features slow burn MM romance with wolf shifters, rejected true mates, a determined alpha who won’t give up easily, grown up content and a HEA.

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