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Love and Snowball Fights
A Christmas Valley Story

A fiercely protective firefighter. A lonely, shy drifter. 

Ejected from foster care on his eighteenth birthday, Lane Freeman has spent the past five years hitchhiking from place to place. But a steady six months bussing tables at the same bar, an apartment to call his own, and a three-legged cat have him contemplating setting down roots. Until the bar owner’s brother returns home for the holidays.

Trey Jenkins has seen countless drifters steal from his brother or leave a trail of damage in their wake. He figures Lane is just another in a long line of disasters. But the more he gets to know Lane, the more he realizes Lane isn’t like the others. Catching a glimpse of Lane’s gentle heart, Trey finds himself captivated, but Trey’s life is back in Dallas.

When a blizzard snows them in together, Trey’s resolve to keep his distance crumbles. Will the fragile heat between them ignite or will Lane find himself back on the open road once more?

Tropes: Hurt/Comfort, enemies to lovers, snowed in/forced proximity, learning to love again


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