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Tidbit Thursday & Cover Reveal Announcement

Good morning, everyone! I know I've been rather AWOL on these Tidbit Thursdays. I intended on picking back up last week, but life has seemed to be super busy lately.

On that note, exciting news! Protecting Kai's Cover Reveal will be featured tomorrow on ! There will be a contest connected to the cover reveal as well! A choice between a gift card and a beautiful sterling silver black spinel paw print necklace. So be sure to head over tomorrow to check out the new cover and enter to win! Also revealed will be the release date so you know when you can grab the long awaited installment of Cole and his mate.

Today's Tidbit Thursday is a small snippet from Protecting Kai, to celebrate the upcoming release and to give you a glimpse into what awaits you when you crack open those pages.


Leaning his forehead against Kai’s, Cole sighed, the rush of breath fanning over Kai’s cheeks, sending warmth through Kai’s veins. “I never want to be a reason you cry, kit. Ever.”

Kai’s heart swelled, and a piece of the wall he’d erected over the years broke off and fell away. Swallowing hard, Kai managed a trembling smile and kissed Cole’s cheek, breathing in the sandalwood and cinnamon smell he’d become familiar with around Cole. He opened his mouth to reply to Cole, but his stomach chose to growl at that moment, loudly. Kai flushed in embarrassment.

Cole chuckled and nuzzled Kai’s temple. “Let’s eat, okay? Then I challenge you to a rematch at Need for Speed .”

Kai frowned. “But I kicked your butt yesterday.”

“Big words when I couldn’t concentrate because of a certain distraction.”

Kai’s breath hitched at the implication, and he hid a pleased smile as he stepped away to pick up his plate from the counter. “Sounds to me as if someone doesn’t want to admit he lost fair and square.”

Cole laughed out loud as he followed Kai to the table. “You keep telling yourself that, kit. We’ll see how bad you kick my butt today, hmm?”

“You’re on,” Kai replied.

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