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Tidbit Thursday

Morning sunrise!

Good morning, beautiful people! I know I am not overly prolific with my posting on any of my social media. I try to not post junk and I also don't want to inundate you with inane chatter. So unless I have something to say, I don't want to overshare so to speak.

With that said, I thought I'd start a Tidbit Thursday here on my blog. That means I'll be sharing tidbits or snippets of either ongoing WIPs, currently released novels/novellas, or upcoming releases! So please be sure to check back each week! Or subscribe to my site and you'll receive updates when I post so you'll never miss out. ;)

Anyway, onto what you're really here for, lol!

This week's is a snippet from the long awaited next installment of my True Mates series, Protecting Kai. (Please note: these are not fully edited so please ignore any grammar or sentence structure issues!)

Protecting Kai is the story of Cole Ferris, the alpha of the Emerald Lake Hills wolf pack in California. In Forgiving Thayne, he ran into his mate and is desperately searching for him when the man disappeared in Redwood City. Well in Protecting Kai, he finds him and he has to not only earn his mate's trust, but also scale the impenetrable wall his mate has around his heart and soul. But Cole isn't sure he's strong enough to let Kai go as he mistakenly puts a time frame on wooing his way into Kai's heart.

(All copyright belongs to J.R. Loveless, 2019. Please do not copy or utilize this work for your own purposes)


Kai made a small noise, and when Cole glanced over, he couldn’t help but grin. The sheer concentration on Kai’s face was adorable. A tiny pink tongue peeked out of one corner of his mouth, and his eyes were trained on the screen in determination. Cole figured video games were something Kai would come to enjoy. He planned to order more after Kai went to sleep. There were hundreds out there. With the greenhouses, Cole didn’t have a whole lot of time on his hands to play, so he only kept a few around for whenever Nick came over to hang out, which had been less and less since Thayne had come into the picture. Now with Kai, Cole figured the time would cut down even further, at least until Cole managed to figure out what their future would truly become.

Kai made a triumphant sound, and Cole looked at the screen to find Kai had crossed the finish line while Cole’s car kept running into a wall. He’d been watching Kai’s enjoyment of the game instead of paying attention himself. Kai turned toward him, frowning. “You let me win,” he accused.

“Actually, I didn’t,” Cole confessed sheepishly.

“Then what were you doing?” Kai demanded.

“Watching you,” Cole admitted.

Kai’s cheeks reddened at Cole’s words, and Kai’s eyes widened in surprise, but Cole saw the irises darken. A curious response. Cole tilted his head a fraction. “Does that please you?” Cole asked, his voice husky.

Kai’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, hard. “I-I don’t know.”

Cole wanted to press the issue but decided against it. Instead he returned his attention to the game. “Something to think about,” he said.


Hopefully that has left you wanting more! Comment and let me know what you think.

Happy Tidbit Thursday!

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