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Re-Release Day - Touch Me Gently

Hello, everyone! I hope today finds you safe and well in the times we are currently living in. There's been so many changes this year. Things we have taken for granted, things that were just a part of every day life, and things we never expected to see go away or require different routines.

Today is the official re-release of my very first novel Touch Me Gently. It took me time to settle on a cover, a blurb, and also some minor editing. I didn't change the story drastically, in fear of changing the depth of the characters, the story impact, or the overall feel of the book. I do have a sequel planned out and will work on that in the near future. (So many projects make that hard to do!)

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New blurb:

A scarred young man finds security in the arms of a sexy cowboy with a big heart.

Kaden James has relied on dangerous coping mechanisms to quiet the horrific memories that led to his fear of large men. After struggling to hold down a job, he knows he can’t refuse the offer to be a cook at a Montana ranch, even if it is temporary.

He never imagined just how much that decision would change his life.

Logan Michaels can sense the fear in his new cook as soon as they meet. Although he’s always considered himself straight, there’s something about the younger man that captivates him. He tries to fight the attraction, but even the memories that have kept him from finding love aren’t enough to stop him from trying to earn Kaden’s confidence.

Will Logan find a way to break through the mistrust and fear Kaden carries as a shield?

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Oct 03, 2020

Touch Me Gently is one of my favorite books. I can't wait for the sequel.

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