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Pre-Order Available Now: Chasing Seth

This is a month of quite a number of milestones for me. As I mentioned in my last post, I have learned a lot about the process of self-publishing in my pursuit to re-release four my previous novels from Dreamspinner Press.

My next, and third, re-release is for my first True Mates novel Chasing Seth. The covers for my True Mates series have been completely revamped and I adore them. They're absolutely breathtaking, imo anyway. haha.

So this post is to not only serve as an alert to you all that Chasing Seth is now available for pre-order, but it's also to reveal the cover to you!


Can he let himself believe in true mates after his past has left more than one scar on him? 

Wolf-shifter Seth moved to a small town to settle into a, hopefully, peaceful life, but that peace is short-lived after he meets the local sheriff. Kasey takes an immediate dislike to him and he wonders if he will ever find a real place to call home. 

When an accident exposes Seth’s secret, Kasey insists they’re fated to be together sending Seth running. Previous experience has shown him mates aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and he can’t trust Kasey enough to change his mind. But Kasey isn’t giving up and Seth finds his resolve weakening. How can he open his heart to someone again? 

Chasing Seth is the first in the True Mates series. Features slow burn MM romance with wolf shifters, rejected true mates, a determined alpha who won’t give up easily, grown up content and a HEA. 

Amazon Pre-Order Link:

The most beautiful cover! Designed by Doelle Designs! Couldn't have imagined a more beautiful cover!

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