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Little Red by Queenie Wise

So, yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I do apologize for once again skipping Tidbit Thursday, but that's okay because I will make up for it this coming week. Stay tuned for details.

I have been doing a lot more reading lately and I found a book recently that I really enjoyed. I can't wait for the next installment. Anyone who knows me knows that I pretty much only read gay romance and this book is no different. I have a very soft spot for shifter romances and it's kind of hard to find something that is "different" now. Something that holds me captive until the very end. Something that keeps me on the edge of my seat and rushing to get to the next page just to see where the story is going. The story has to engross me to really make me think 5 stars or O-M-G I can't wait for the next one!

Last week I bought a book that the synopsis caught my attention along with a couple of the reviews already placed by other readers. I like a snarky character, someone who doesn't roll over and let the other more "alpha" character walk all over them. I definitely like when the relationship isn't insta-love or has no tension between the characters, building a slow fire, one of my favorite aspects of a romance story.

The book I'm talking about is called Little Red by Queenie Wise. It's the first installment of Big Bad Wolves and centers around an awkward, snarky, teenager named Peter. During a prank with some friends, Peter ends up being bitten by a wolf and before he knows it, strange things start to happen. Some of the reviews relate it to being like Twilight and honestly, not really to me. Because the characters weren't wolves and Bella had a very unhealthy obsession with Edward. This is actually the opposite, though I would equate this to more of a YA novel than an erotic gay romance as it's very PG with the smexy-ness! But that could change with the next one.

It does not have a cliff hanger, but more of a HFN ending. So it won't make you want to punch something like I've had some books do to me. If you like the big, strong, hard exterior but marshmallow core badass and a snarky, loud-mouthed, funny protagonist, you'll like this one.

The cover is actually very well done as well. It was another factor which caught my eye. The varying colors suit it well and of course, Little Red with a pretty good-looking guy in a red hoodie with a wolf in the background, what's not to love? <3


Release Date: Sept 11, 2019

My Rating: 5 Stars

Heat Rating: 1 flame


Peter “Penis” Caldwell (nickname bestowed courtesy of popular jock, Jackson Davis) didn’t necessarily have a lot of things going for him.

1. See “Penis”.

2. He attended high school in a small town that was as bigoted as it was boring. (Having the audacity to stand out was considered a major character flaw.)

3. He was maybe, sort of, a little bit (a lot) gay.

Not that anyone knew that last one.

None of that meant, however, that Peter was prepared for the consequences when he is bitten by a giant wolf during a reckless night of teenage adventure.

Consequences that smack him right in the face when he is simultaneously saved and snatched by a (hugely-muscled, obscenely handsome)... mentally-imbalanced man who’s convinced that he’s a long-distance relation of Jacob Black. That’s right: werewolf.

Mr. Big and Bad claims Peter is one, too, now that he’s bitten him.

The only thing worse than being kidnapped by a crazy person? A crazy person who’s right.

Forced to adjust to pack life in a hidden society, Peter’s not sure what he longs to do more: throttle the man who’s bitten him and ruined his life so conclusively, or throw himself on Mr. Big and Bad’s ridiculously firm… lap.

Yeah, lap.

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